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Speak Like a Native Cheshire

Anyone can learn a language, and everyone deserves the chance.

Our Manifesto

Anyone can learn a language and everyone deserves the chance! The opportunities that multilingualism brings for socialising, travel, work, culture and study are limitless and this drives us to deliver our courses wherever they’re needed across the UK.

The aim is to help learners of all ages become confident communicators in Spanish, French or Mandarin and to have fun with languages along the way. It’s no good if someone’s language skills only exist in a book or on app. We want everyone out there using what they learn in the real world.

The Speak Like A Native method is more lingo than linguistics. It’s not about bamboozling anyone with rules they may not need but making the language journey motivating, practical and full of fun.

Speak Like A Native has just expanded into Cheshire and we are so excited to offer this unique concept to the area, offering language learning in nurseries and schools, the office and workplace, as well as online, is a joint effort of our team and those we partner with.



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    Speak Like a Native Clubs are taking bookings NOW! After school clubs available from September 2021. Book your childs' place at: or call 01925 982620

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