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Sarah Ward-Novak Mortgage and Protection Consultant at IdentityFS

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Sarah Ward-Novak Mortgage and Protection Consultant at IdentityFS

......Because life is already complicated enough

Sarah Ward-Novak Mortgage and Protection Specialist at IdentityFS

I specialise in mortgages for self-employed clients, be that limited company or sole trader. Sometime SE clients, think ooh I wont get a mortgage because I'm SE. Sometime this can be more straight forward than a salaried client!

I have access to the whole of market, which is 100+ lenders and specialist lenders. I also have access to broker only deals that no bank can offer. I can do re-mortgage's, BTLs and purchases.

Mortgage and Protection Adviser with an office in Alderley Edge, but currently working from home in Wilmslow. I am set up to work remotely and processing applications online, so we can keep a very safe social distance. Also this allows me to process an application, no matter where you are located in the Cheshire!

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully helping you secure your 'Home Goals' x

Your house may be repossessed if you do not keep up with your mortgages payments



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    My broker fee is normally £295 but for CWIB clients, and to help in the current climate I will waiver this till Dec 2020.

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