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Christine Kenny Nutrition

Ditch the diet & live your best life!

Hello I'm Christine, I'm an anti-diet Dietitian & life coach. Following a successful clinical career I now specialise in helping ladies stop dieting & reframe their mindset around food and damaging diet behaviours. I am pro health and that includes metal health, emotional health as well as physical health. A lot of women I work with, have spent their entire adult lives on a never ending cycle of dieting and trying to change their bodies. This has gone on for so long they have forgotten what it is like to feel free and in control around food. Sadly diets are not only damaging to our physical health they are damaging to our sense of self, confidence and self worth. In my programs I help ladies to take back control, they find food freedom, they learn to nourish their bodies & soul and get back to living their best lives with confidence and control, but most of all feeling amazing and capable of anything!



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    My self paced online workshop is available from the 12th April 2021- Find food freedom. Until the release date it is available for a investment of only £55.00! You can learn how to take control of your food, stop over eating, stop binging and ditch the diet for good! Plus there are bonuses.




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