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This page was created by two sisters Amanda and Joanne Cooper having over 20 years experience in the world of business and many tried and tested ways of marketing and promotion, they decided this was the winner.

Taking you back to around 2004, Amanda and Joanne both attended a Women’s Enterprise for Woman in business. They found a wealth of knowledge and support, networking with other companies, friendships, skills, training, help with business grants and much needed help from others members. With the strength and motivation gained from other members and the fact that we all helped each other succeed, this proved to be the perfect recipe for a successful business.

As the years went by, other digital ways of marketing came into force and simply eliminated that personal touch when it came to networking and meeting like minded business individuals. With all this in mind, the two sisters decided to take things back to basics, as why change what actually worked for them!

Already inspired by Women in business, the two set out to create a Facebook page, that was specifically designed around Women in businesses. Within 24 hours, hundreds of women with fantastic businesses had already joined the page! this obviously proved a point to Amanda & Joanne. The page is simple, join the group, support other businesses, support each other, spread the word about their services and also advertise your business at the same time.

As the page grew and lots of people where discussing that the cost of advertising was so high, the two set out to come up with a solution to this problem. Amanda being a website designer of over 20 years, decided to dedicate a large amount of her time in creating this fantastic non for profit directory. The directory is a place where Women in business can post their business, link to their social media accounts, upload videos and get support / advice. The fee to be on the directory is only £9.99 for a whole year, this is simply paying for the upkeep and web space required to keep the directory going.

Cheshire Woman in Business will be planning amazing free events, where you can showcase your business, network with other businesses and hopefully make some great friendships along the way. It’s all about the personal touch and meeting face to face, something you simply can’t obtain on the world wide web.

Get involved! support this page and spread awareness. We’re all living in a new world of business and entrepreneurial individuals, so lets support us all to succeed in life and business.

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